The OMINEA information and database is the reference document for a) the description of the national system of greenhouse gas and air emissions inventories and b) the methodologies used to compile the different inventories (UNECE/NEC, UNFCCC, LCP, SECTEN, French Overseas, etc.).


Estimating the quantities of pollutants released into the atmosphere from human and natural sources requires a great deal of data and fairly specific methods to produce what are conventionally known as "emissions inventories" or "registers", depending on the survey characteristics in terms of spatial resolution and emission sources.

Description of the national system of emissions inventories

The OMINEA document (.pdf) describes the national system of greenhouse gas and air emissions inventories in terms of organisation, allocation of responsibilities and scope. Operational technical procedures are described as well as information on reference nomenclature and codes, procedures for verification, quality assurance and estimating uncertainties, etc.

Methodologies used to compile national emissions inventories

The methods used for each category of emission sources are given for several dozen substances classified under sectors in the OMINEA descriptive document. The sectors are indexed in accordance with the international format defined by the United Nations Conventions on Climate Change and Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution. This OMINEA descriptive document is supplemented by an OMINEA database to bring together in digital form, the associated methodological data.

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