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Associated topic: greenhouse effect

Emissions monitoring period: since 1990

Data source: CITEPA / SECTEN format - April 2017


Sources of the pollutant

Perfluorocarbons (PFCs) are compounds of carbon and fluorine atoms. They are produced exclusively by chemical synthesis and widely used in the manufacture of semi-conductors. They are also a by-product of aluminium electrolysis and trifluoroacetic acid production. Process improvements and optimisation have considerably reduced emissions of PFCs since 1990.


Effect of the pollutant

PFCs contribute to the greenhouse effect. Their global warming potential (GWP) varies depending on the years and molecules considered (see table below for the GWP per molecule - GWP values from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)'s fourth assessment report published in 2007).

Compound PFC-14 PFC-116 C3F8 C4F8 C4F10 C5F12 C6F14 C10F18
GWP 7 390 12 200 8 830 10 300 8 860 9 160 9 300 7 500

PFCs have impacts on human health and they are demonstrated or suspected to be endocrine disruptors and carcinogenic.


Classification of the sub-sectors with the highest emission levels* in 2015

Classification Sub-sectors Share of sub-sector in total national emissions in mainland France
Industrial and transport equipment including: 87% including:
Other use of PFCs 72%
Electronic components manufacturing 15%
2 Non-ferrous metals production 12%

*: one sector (of six altogether: energy transformation, manufacturing industry, residential/tertiary, agriculture/forestry, road and other transport) is broken down into sub-sectors.


Emissions and trends

Minimum observed: 540 kt CO2e in 2015
Maximum observed: 5 202 kt CO2e in 1990
Emissions in 2015: 540 kt CO2e
Trends 2015/1990: -89.6%
Trends 2015/maximum: -89.6%
Trends 2015/minimum: 0%

Measurement unit: kt CO2e (kilotonne CO2 equivalent)
Source CITEPA / SECTEN format – April 2017


Graph PFC 17

Graph Legende sans UTCFv2

Source CITEPA / SECTEN format – April 2017

Tab PFC 17

(*) Following UNFCCC definitions: emissions classified "except total" are not included, i.e. emissions from international waterway, maritime and air transport and emissions not from human sources.
(e) preliminary estimate



PFC emissions in France were estimated at 540 kt CO2e (in GWP terms) in 2015.

Only two sectors emit PFCs in mainland France:... (to read more, consult the SECTEN report online via your login and password)

Data source: CITEPA / SECTEN format - April 2017

Effect of the pollutant