CITEPA: the reference on air pollution and climate change

The Interprofessional Technical Centre for Studies on Air Pollution, known as CITEPA, established in 1961 as a not-for-profit organisation (under the 1901 Charities Act) is a national and international reference on air pollution and climate change. CITEPA gathers, produces, assesses, projects and disseminates data on atmospheric pollution and climate change in France and abroad. They are mainly descriptive, quantified, impartial and objective data.

CITEPA has about 55 members (industry, professional federations and unions, energy utilities, automobile manufacturers, eco-industries, consultancies, research institutes, measurement laboratories and air quality monitoring networks).

CITEPA has acquired in-depth knowledge of how the trades in the industry, energy, tertiary, housing, transport and agricultural sectors function and operate. This has been achieved as a result of the varied nature of its members and the fact that they frequently consult CITEPA, as well as the frequent cooperative work with the research community and air quality and emissions measurement laboratories.

CITEPA has a team of 26, mainly environmental, air quality, agronomic and process engineers. It is a specialised institute working on the following issues in particular: the greenhouse effect, greenhouse gas emission trading, local and transboundary air pollution, facilities classified under French legislation for environmental protection purposes and quantifying emissions of air pollutants and greenhouse gases.

This section includes a wide range of information on CITEPA and its activities: