CITEPA regularly publishes a large number of documents, some freely accessible and others reserved for members only.

C'est dans l'air

C'est dans l'air is CITEPA's 6 page monthly newsletter which has been published since 1998 as a source of concise information on our ongoing studies and on current developments in the fields of air pollution and climate change in France, in the EU and internationally. This newsletter is one of CITEPA's main vehicles for supplying information. Recent issues are reserved for CITEPA members but all earlier issues are freely available.

Fiches de Synthèse

The new series of Technical Summaries Fiches de Synthèse has replaced CITEPA's quarterly publication Synthèses Document'Air which brought together the former technical summaries in one document. Now these summaries are published on an individual basis and are available only in electronic form (PDF file).

The Fiches de Synthèse provide a description, an analysis and contextualisation of key legislation, regulations and policy documents adopted (strategies, programmes, plans, meetings) and key reports published at national (France), EU and international level. The Fiches de Synthèse are exclusively reserved for CITEPA members.

Synthèses Document'Air archives

Published quarterly between 1964 and 2012, the Synthèses Document'Air series provides summaries of legislation, regulations, research results and studies on sources of pollution, techniques for reducing emissions, pollutant dispersal in the atmosphere and environmental effects. Today, this publication has been replaced by individual Technical Summaries known as Fiches de Synthèse (in French only). This section presents the Synthèses Document'Air archives, exclusively reserved for CITEPA members but the lists of contents are publicly available.


One of CITEPA's main regular tasks for the French National Air Emission Inventories and Audits System (SNIEBA) (Ministerial Order of 24 August 2011) is to conduct national inventories of air pollutant and greenhouse gas emissions. CITEPA accordingly publishes emissions inventories produced in the different formats required to comply with France's international and European commitments (UNECE, UNFCCC, etc.) and with national requirements (e.g. SECTEN). These official inventory reports are updated each year and publicly available for downloading on the CITEPA website.

Other publications

To supplement these inventories, CITEPA conducts an increasing number of sectoral studies. Some of the reports published are confidential, but others are publicly available.
These studies address a variety of topics, ranging from air pollutant emission reductions in each branch or sector of activity and analyses of available reduction techniques and their potential uses, limits and costs, to studies on specific substances or on methodological or regulatory aspects.

  • Assessments of the techno-economic feasibility of regulatory measures,
  • Forward studies, particularly for policy-makers to help them determine national commitments for the next few decades,
  • CITEPA also develops emission reduction strategies (covering regulatory, economic and technical aspects),
  • Reports from CITEPA's assistance and advisory services to operators and sectors:
    • Compliance and/or technical audits,
    • Advisory services (interpretation of regulations, monitoring plans, emissions reporting, domestic projects, etc.),
    • GHG emission audits,
    • VOC pre-audits or audits, solvent management plans, etc.

These different studies are commissioned by French or European authorities, industries or local area authorities (link to References). CITEPA may publish certain reports on the work it has conducted, subject to agreement from the client, some of whom may prefer to publish these reports themselves. In both cases, these are studies belonging to the public domain. Some studies may remain confidential if so requested by the client.

  • Finally, CITEPA publishes special reports on topical issues relating to air pollution and climate change (such as its COP-21 Manual for Experts – 85 questions/answers on what is at stake in the negotiations). Some of these special reports are available only to CITEPA members.