Members of CITEPA (how to join CITEPA) are entitled to receive its publication C'est dans l'Air, a monthly 6-page newsletter launched in 1998. It reports in summary form on policy, legislative, scientific and technological developments in the field of air pollution and climate change, at French, EU and international levels. The information it contains comes from a wide range of reliable, authoritative sources.

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C'est dans l'air is made up of several sections, depending on the developments of the month:

    • figure of the month
    • indicator of the month
    • CITEPA's work (studies underway, results of recently published studies, etc.),
    • national policy,
    • EU policy,
    • international policy,
    • news in brief (brief news items on developments in Europe and/or beyond),
    • Training courses dispensed by CITEPA
    • News about CITEPA (missions, technical meetings, international collaboration, etc.)
    • other information (information on consultations, calls for proposals, etc.),
    • just published (new reports and books flagged up by CITEPA),
    • calendar of events (forthcoming symposia, conferences, seminars, etc.).

In addition, depending on the developments of the month, C'est dans l'air contains boxes on different themes:

    • science/technology update,
    • corporate news (initiatives implemented by industry to control air pollution or mitigate climate change, etc.).

Lastly, each article contains:

    • cross-references to other issues of C'est dans l'air and to the issues of Synthèses Document'Air to enable the reader to retrace the history of the subject in question and to consult further relevant documents,
    • a section "Further information" at the end of each article, providing the exact bibliographical references and/or the website address where the document in question is available (for consultation or downloading). In some cases, the website address is provided via a hypertext link in the body of the article.

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The recent issues of C'est dans l'air are only available to CITEPA's members.

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Older back issues of C'est dans l'air may be downloaded below (in French only):


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