CITEPA's report Synthèses Document'Air is only available to CITEPA members in the Members only area.

Synthèses Document'Air (formerly Etudes Documentaires) is a quarterly report (published four times a year), comprising 100 to 150 pages. It has been one of CITEPA's main means of information since 1964. It reports in detail on policy, legislative, scientific and technological developments in the field of air pollution and climate change, at French, EU and international levels. The information sources are always indicated enabling readers to obtain further information if desired.

Synthèses Document'Air is distributed on paper or electronically in PDF document format.

Synthèses Document'Air is made up of five main chapters:

In the headlines

This section, at the beginning of the report, contains information of major importance, for example, the key legislation or the leading report of the SD'Air issue in question.


    • legislation and regulations adopted and proposed,
    • general policy (strategies, programmes, assessments of air and climate policy implemented, etc.),
    • studies and reports (findings from research programmes on air pollution, emissions abatement technology and the associated costs, air quality data, etc.)..

European Union

    • legislation and regulations adopted and proposed,
    • general policy (strategies, communications, assessments of air and climate policy implemented, etc.),
    • studies and reports.


    • legislation adopted and proposed (particularly on the subjects of the greenhouse effect, climate change mitigation and ozone layer depletion),
    • general policy (strategies, programmes and other policy initiatives, etc.),
    • meetings and other work carried out by international organisations,
    • studies and reports.

Calender of events

    • forthcoming conferences and symposia.

Presentation of the summaries

For each legislative or regulatory act, a summary is presented, highlighting the key dates (date of adoption, entry into force and application etc.) and deadlines to be met. In most cases, the articles contain a box giving the general context enabling the reader to retrace the history of the subject in question. For the reports, studies and other documents published by national authorities, the European Commission or international organisations, a summary is provided, with boxes to inform the reader on certain points (techniques, concepts, etc.). All the summaries are produced by CITEPA to highlight the key features and points for readers so that they may have an overview of the document in question without having read it.

Lastly, each article contains:

    • cross-references to other issues of Synthèses Document'Air or Etudes Documentaires and to the issues of C'est dans l'air to enable the reader to retrace the history of the subject in question and to consult further relevant documents,
    • a section "Further information" at the end of each article, providing the exact bibliographical references of the report summarised and/or the website address where the report and further useful information is available (for consultation or downloading).

In the PDF version of Synthèses Document'Air, the articles contain hypertext links to the initial documents (legislation, regulations, communications, reports and studies, etc.). These initial documents are also available in the Members only area on CITEPA's website.

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The contents page of each issue of Synthèses Document'Air are available below (in French only):


Synthèses Document'Air n°183 - Ocotber 2012
Synthèses Document'Air n°182 - April 2012


Synthèses Document'Air n°181 - December 2011
Synthèses Document'Air n°180 - October 2011
Synthèses Document'Air n°179 - June 2011
Synthèses Document'Air n°178 - April 2011