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EGTEI last updated : 08/07/2010


Subgroup EGTEI

Expert Group on Techno-Economic Issues

Small combustion installations

chaired by Switzerland

Kick off meeting - 3 February 2010

Richard Ballaman - Presentation of EGTEI
Richard Ballaman - Mandate of the subgroup
Thomas Nussbaumer - Biomass combustion - Part 1
Thomas Nussbaumer - Biomass combustion - Part 2
Michael Hiete - EGTEI - BAT, emission levelsand ELVs
Stephan Morrin - Quantification of PM emission from SCI in Ireland
Francesca Hugony - Determination of emission factors for small combustion plants
Stephano Caserini - Italian regulation on small combustion appliances
Anja Behnke - EU Ecodesign directive
Gaston Theis - SCI discussion paper
Minutes of the meeting of 3 february
Gaston Theis - Options for PM EMVs for SCIs - Version 2

2nd meeting - 26 March 2010

Gaston Theis - Agenda - Items of discussion
Kristina Saarinen - Synopsis on national ELVs
Staffan Asplind - Swedish regulation
Pieter Kroon - Dutch regulation
Jean Pouleau - Biomass projects
Angelo Papis - Wood firing inspection
Discussion paper for the meeting
Draft minutes of the meeting

3rd meeting - 6 May 2010

Andrei Pilipchuk - PM monitoring and analysis in the republic of Belarus
Options for PM ELVs for SCI - final draft
Minutes 3rd meeting - draft

Final reports

Options for limit values for emissions of dust from small combustion installations < 50 MWth
Overview on Technologies for Biomass Combustion and Emission Levels of Particulate Matter

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