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Fundamental purposes

Citepa contributes to the fight against atmospheric pollution and climate change by calculating, interpreting and disseminating information on reliable emission data for decision-makers and specialists in France and abroad. As a non-profit organisation and State operator for the French Environment Ministry, the Citepa meets reporting requirements for air pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions from France in different inventory formats, such as UNFCCC, EMEP, Kyoto Protocol and UNECE inventories. Our inventory reports contribute to the transparency of the effects of climate and air quality policies and measures on emissions, and assist public decision-making. It strengthens the capacities of French or foreign States, regions, cities and companies to develop and report their efforts in terms of greenhouse gas emissions and air pollutants, as well as adaptation to climate change. climate change.

Citepa, a technical reference body

Created in 1961, Citepa – Technical Reference Center for Air Pollution and Climate Change – quantifies, identifies, expertises and reports atmospheric emissions data, explanatory variables and efficiency indicators, as well as methods for monitoring, quantifying, projecting and modeling emissions, policies and measures of mitigation and adaptation. In the 1990s, as part of the Corinair program, Citepa was at the origin of inventory systems, CRF nomenclature, and Monitoring, Reporting and Verifying (MRV) methods implemented today in all European countries.

Our engineers work for or in connection with the French administrations, the European Commission, the United Nations, AFD, GIZ, the Multilateral Development Banks and other international organizations working in the sector of the environment. Citepa also hosts networks of experts able to work on very specialized subjects. It is the auditor of the work of his peers on behalf of the UNFCCC, the UNECE or the European Commission and audited on his inventory works by those same organizations.

Sector experts carry out techno-economic studies in energy, industry, transport, waste, agriculture, land use, land-use change and Forestry (LULUCF) sectors. It can also be expert trainings or technical supports to bodies and regional, national administrations (technical expertise, assessments, audits, …).

Our experts assist foreign governments to carry out their inventories of air pollutant and GHG emissions, their national communications, and finalisation of policies and measures (continued transparency post COP-21).

Our values

The nonprofit and scientific spirit of the associations drives us. The fight against air pollution and climate change is our vocation. Citepa provides factual and transparent data to public authorities and private companies based on objectivity and rigor. Our State operator status encourages us to carry out a work of reference. Thus, Citepa is certified ISO 9001 for the realization of the inventories and its studies. Our scope of expertise covers air, climate and energy.