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Jean-Guy Bartaire

Jean-Guy BARTAIRE, Board members president

Jean-Guy Bartaire first worked as an engineer in the manganese mines in Morocco from 1974 to 1978, then at the French Ministry of the Environment on the establishment of air pollution measurement and warning networks, until 1985. He then joined the European Commission (Directorate General Environment, Industrial Emissions Unit) to work on the implementation of the IPPC directives, IED, the definition of BAT (Best Available Techniques) … He joined in 1996 EDF to monitor environmental regulations and their impact on the electricity industry, in particular by chairing working groups within Eurelectric and Business Europe. With this experience, when he retired, he became the volunteer chairman of Citepa in 2016.

Jérôme Boutang

Jérôme BOUTANG, Executive director

Engineer agronomist, with a Master in economics, Jérôme BOUTANG joined the Citepa in 2011 as Executive director. He previously worked for the food and drink industry in France, the United Kingdom and the United States in applied research, technology transfer and decision-making processes, while at the same time working as Independent international consultant on sustainability strategies. In no time, he developed his expertise in people’s perception of ecological threats, such as climate change and air pollution, as a source of a problematic gap between companies and public decision-makers, and their public, to  move towards sustainability. He is a member of the UNFCCC’s Consultative Expert Group (CGE).

Nadine Allemand

Nadine ALLEMAND, Deputy director

Nadine Allemand has been Deputy Director of Citepa since 2011. After a degree in atmospheric sciences and a PhD in Analytical Chemistry, she joined Citepa in 1986. Nadine Allemand divides her time between technical and more administrative activities as well as foreign cooperation developments. She has a wide experience in pollution and policies and measures issues to reduce emissions, including air quality improvement and climate change mitigation. Among other tasks, she heads the techno-scientific secretariat of the “Task Force on Techno-Economic Issues (TFTEI)” of the Air Convention (CLRTAP) of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and participates in many works within the framework of this Air Convention. Most recently, she has been responsible for technical assistance for the French Environment Ministry (MTES) on decision support for the development of the national strategy for the reduction of air pollutant emissions (PREPA) in France and for similar technical support in the Paris region for the Environment regional directorate (DRIEE) for the development of its atmosphere protection plan (“PPA Ile de France”). She was project manager of a France / Serbia twinning project for the implementation of the European regulation on a mechanism for the monitoring and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions (MMR). She is currently on projects related to the fight against air pollution in Serbia and Turkey.

Jean-Pierre Chang

Jean-Pierre CHANG, Deputy director – Inventory Coordination Pole (PCI)

With a degree in Physics Chemistry from PARIS VI, Jean-Pierre CHANG has been in charge of Citepa’s emission inventories since 2005. He became Deputy Director after having been heading, from 2011 to 2020, the “Transport and Mobility; Agriculture, Livestock and Forestry; Support and IT Developments Department”. Since the early 1990s, he has developed an internationally recognized expertise in the field of quantification of air emissions. He is a member of various working groups on quantification and validation of emissions and a UN-recognized expert for monitoring, reporting and verifying emissions .

Mitigation & adaptation – national and international level

Julien Vincent

Julien VINCENT, Head of Mitigation & Adaptation Department – PCI

Master of Air pollution management, Julien Vincent joined Citepa in 2002 after working in an analytical chemistry laboratory at CSULA, California (1999/2000). Due to the study of activities related to solvent emissions, non-road mobile machinery (NRMM) emissions and the costs of abatement techniques, Julien VINCENT became Deputy Inventory Manager in 2008 and then, head of the team in charge of energy balance, the manufacturing industry and the realization of carbon footprint (Bilan Carbone®), at the beginning of 2009. Since 2011, he is the head of the Energy and Industry Department.

NDC, Adaptation, Cluster, ETS,

Coralie Jeannot

Coralie JEANNOT, Head of the NACE team

Graduated from Paris Diderot University in Master’s degree “Atmospheres and Air Quality”, Coralie Jeannot joined Citepa at the end of 2010 and is the head of the Industrial Processes, ETS, Capacity Building and Economics team since May 2018. Her activity at Citepa is concerned in particular with the EU-ETS (EU-ETS training provided by Citepa ) and the estimation of industry emissions.

Tara Glass

Tara GLASS, Project engineer

A graduate of the INSA Centre Val de Loire and the University of Dundee in the Renewable Energies and Modeling of the Environment Master, Tara Glass joined the Citepa at the beginning of 2019 in the Industrial Processes, ETS, Capacity Building and Economy team. Her activity at Citepa concerns in particular the EU ETS regulation, as well as the estimation of industry emissions.

Nathan Vandromme

Nathan VANDROMME, Industrial Processes project engineer

Chemical engineer specialized in environment, energy, life cycle analysis and sustainable development, Nathan VANDROMME joined Citepa in 2018 as a project engineer in the industrial processes team. His activity within Citepa includes the development of methods for industry atmospheric emissions inventories, the development of solvent management plans and the technical monitoring of atmospheric emissions related to the industrial sector of chemistry.

Valérie Imad

Valérie IMAD, Industrial Processes project engineer

Graduated from the Polytech Orléans engineering school in “Energetics”, Valérie Imad joined Citepa in early 2019 in the Industrial Processes team. Her activity within Citepa includes the estimation of industry atmospheric emissions and the implementation of solvent management plans.

NClimate soDC, Adaptation, Cluster, ETS

Ghislaine Tandonnet-Guiran

Ghislaine TANDONNET-GUIRAN, Head of Climate solutions

Ghislaine Tandonnet Guiran has been working on environmental and sustainable development issues for more than 15 years, with a specialization in climate change since 2006. She is more particularly involved in the management of to climate change adaptation projects in France and internationally: in France, through the support of the Ministry of Ecology for the definition of the national adaptation plan and the evaluation of the associated costs, studies on the potential impacts of climate change for 6 regions (Medcie Grand Sud Est), climate plans energy for local communities, and internationally, on technical assistance missions to international organizations for the definition of adaptation strategies and programs as well as for the analysis and selection of projects (World Bank, UNEP, UNCDF, AFDB). She is also involved in putting together proposals with major donors for adaptation programs, in particular with the GCF. Its thematic areas of specialization are: urban adaptation, solutions based on nature, climate finance.

Etienne Feutren

Etienne FEUTREN, Project engineer

Graduate of the Master’s degree “Economy of the Environment and Natural Resources” of the Toulouse School of Economics, Etienne Feutren joined the Citepa in 2018 as project engineer in the Industrial Processes and ETS, Capacity Building and Economy team. He works in particular on the themes of the manufacturing industry and the European Union’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emission trading system (EU-ETS). His activity also covers the economic aspects of projects.

Gabriel Feuillet-Palma

Gabriel FEUILLET-PALMA, Project engineer

Description to be available soon.

Waste, Energy, Low carbon transition

Romain Bort

Romain BORT, Head of Waste, Energy, Low carbon transition team

Graduated from the Paul Sabatier University of Toulouse in Master’s degree in Environmental engineering and specialized in Air Treatment, Romain Bort joined Citepa in 2011. His activity within the Citepa mainly concerns the sectoral emissions of fluorinated gases, energy and waste treatment. He is also responsible for studies related to carbon accounting.


Benjamin Cuniasse

Benjamin CUNIASSE, Energy project engineer

A graduate in Maritime Engineering from ENSTA ParisTech, Benjamin joined Citepa in 2018 in the Energy and Combustion team. He works on the PCAET air components of the French territories and is specialized in wood combustion, he also carries out the NAMEA (National Accounting Matrix with Environmental Accounts) report allowing him to have a transversal view on sectors emitting GHGs and atmospheric pollutants.


Vincent Mazin

Vincent MAZIN, Project engineer

A graduate of the Paul Sabatier University of Toulouse with a Master’s degree in Ocean, Atmosphere and Climate Sciences, Vincent Mazin joined Citepa in 2020 in the Waste, Energy and Low Carbon Transition unit. He works in particular on the estimation of air pollutant and greenhouse gas emissions related to waste and energy, as well as on the air components of the PCAETs for French territories.


Niels Montanari


Niels MONTANARI, Project engineer

Holder of master’s degrees in computer science (Bordeaux Institute of Technology), applied mathematics (Grenoble-Alps University) and environmental physics (Paris-Saclay University), Niels Montanari joined Citepa in April 2021. He has previously worked on R&D projects, with applied research partners from the United States, Europe and Japan, and developed software for simulating fluids and for modelling risks related to flooding and fire. At Citepa, his activity mainly revolves around studies and tools related to companies’ low-carbon transition.


Air pollution, mobility, territories

Jean-Marc André

Jean-Marc ANDRE, Head of the Air pollution, mobility, territories Department

PhD in climate and physical chemistry of the atmosphere, with a specialization in instrumentation and aerosols, Jean-Marc André joined the Citepa in 2007. He participated in the European project ARTEMIS within the IFSTTAR. He is the head of the Transport and Mobility team and participates in various bodies (CCTN, CTUPP, OEET, …).

Sophie Moukhtar

Sophie MOUKHTAR, project engineer

Description to be available soon.


Mitigation strategies for air pollution reduction

Natalia Sirina-Leboine

Natalia SIRINA-LEBOINE, Head of Mitigation strategies for air pollution reduction team

Natalia SIRINA-LEBOINE has a PhD in Geography (Irkutsk State University, Russia, 2009) and is an expert in air pollution. She joined Citepa in 2020 after working for higher education and research organizations in France, Russia and Germany. She has participated in the implementation and coordination of major projects in vegetal-based chemistry (MIT#1 and Evalbioraf, PIA PIVERT; Sorago, FUI) and electrical energy storage technologies (ABattReLife, ERA-NET) involving academic and industrial research organizations. Within Citepa, she heads the Air Pollution Mitigation Strategies (SAPA) team and develops cooperation in France and abroad, particularly in Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia.

Grégoire Bongrand

Grégoire BONGRAND, Energy project engineer

Graduate of Mines Nancy and the University of Alberta of two masters in the field of “Energy and Environment”, Grégoire Bongrand joined Citepa at the beginning of 2019 in the Energy and Combustion team to take part in the GHG and pollutants air inventories as well as international studies on programs to reduce pollutant emissions.

Transport and Mobility team

Irving Tapia-Villarreal

Irving TAPIA-VILLARREAL, Head of the Transport and Mobility team

Irving TAPIA-VILLARREAL is a PhD in Economics and Engineer in Industrial Engineering. He completed his thesis at IFSTTAR and Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University. In various organizations in the United States, Mexico and France, he has conducted traffic impact studies and participated in the development of macro-models of transport demand. He has also developed GHG and PA emissions diagnoses to track the environmental impact of transportation demand as well as the implementation of vehicle technology over time. Irving joined Citepa in 2018 to develop railways and inland waterways emission inventories, as well as to participate in transportation sector studies.

Thamara Vieira Da Rocha

Thamara VIEIRA DA ROCHA , Transport project engineer

Thamara VIEIRA DA ROCHA holds a PhD in civil engineering from the National School of Public Works and an engineer from the Federal University of Santa Catarina (Brazil), specialized in sanitary and environmental engineering. She joined Citepa in 2015 and is currently in charge of atmospheric emissions from shipping studies and inventories, as well as calculations of uncertainties for the entire inventory. In addition, Thamara is responsible for a collaborative R & D project in the field of urban transport and emission reduction. Finally, she participates in various studies related to other types of transport.

Felipe Troncoso-Lamaison

Felipe TRONCOSO-LAMAISON, Transport project engineer

Graduated in Mechanical engineering from Université de Technologie de Compiègne and holding a master in transport & sustainable development from the Ecole des Ponts et Chaussées, Felipe has joined the CITEPA as a project engineer in the transport & mobility team in may 2021. His activity within CITEPA includes the atmospheric pollutants & GES inventories of the sector as ell as the development of emergent and developing countries capcities in terms of climate, energy and air quality. He also work on models and tools estimating transport emissions.

Agriculture, Forest, Land-Use (AFOLU)

Etienne Mathias

Etienne MATHIAS – Head of Agriculture, Forestry and Land use Department – PCI

Engineer in agronomy specialized in environment (Ecole Nationale Supérieure Agronomique de Toulouse – National High School for Agronomy of Toulouse), Etienne MATHIAS joined Citepa in 2006 to participate in the development of air emissions inventories (monitoring of agricultural and forestry sectors). Now as inventory assistant manager, head of the Agriculture, Forestry and Land Use team and UNFCCC expert, he participates in various work groups related to Ministries, technical institutes and research, carries out various works, training missions abroad and studies (regional inventories, projections, reviews, methodological improvements, sectoral analyzes …). Finally, he is responsible for the internal IT development.

Anaïs Durand

Anaïs DURAND – Agriculture & ETS project engineer

Anaïs is an engineer in agronomy, specialized in sustainable development, environment and energy economics (Agroparistech ex INA – PG). She joined Citepa in 2014 as part of the Agriculture team, to participate in the development of air emissions inventories for the agricultural sector. She is also a specialist in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU-ETS) and trainer in the framework of the 3rd and 4th period of greenhouse gas emissions trading (allocation of free allowances, emissions monitoring and reporting)

Jonathan Hercule

Jonathan HERCULE – Agriculture project engineer

Jonathan HERCULE is an agricultural engineer specialised in environmental economics and sustainable development (AgroParisTech). He joined the CITEPA in 2021 as a project engineer within the Agriculture unit, to participate in updating the French national inventories on greenhouse gases and atmospheric pollutants as well as to conduct studies. Jonathan began his professional career at INRAE in 2014 in economic modeling (CLAC-LUC) and then in project management for a national expertise on livestock impacts and services. He then joined ITAVI in 2017 as an economic analyst where he conducted sectoral studies and participated in European research projects (PPILOW, ROADMAP 2050) on behalf of several clients.


Land-Use, Land-Use Change and Forestry (LULUCF) team

Colas Robert

Colas ROBERT – Head of LULUCF team

Colas has a PhD in geography, graduated from Paris-Diderot University since 2016. A specialist in methods for monitoring land-use changes, the spatialization of emissions and the LULUCF sector in France and abroad, he is also responsible for the national inventory report of GHG emissions and atmospheric pollutants in the SECTEN format (SECTeurs Economiques et ENergie – Economic and energy sectors) and participates in information dissemination and communication work.

Mélanie Juillard

Mélanie JUILLARD – LULUCF project engineer

Agronomy engineer (AgroParisTech), Mélanie JUILLARD joined Citepa as part of the LULUCF team in 2021 after professional experiences, especially in National Parc, in South America and in the Ecology Ministry (sustainable development team). With her double specialitiy in forest management and environmental economics, Mélanie participates in updating the LULUCF sector for the national inventory, in methodological improvement with strong scientific stakes, and in studies in this field.


Eunice Dossa

Eunice DOSSA – Agriculture project engineer

Eunice DOSSA is an engineer in Environmental Planning and Protection, specialized in Natural Resources Management and Planning. Of Beninese nationality, she has acquired many experiences in carrying out greenhouse gas inventories within her country’s national GHG inventory team. She joined CITEPA in 2021 as part of the LULUCF team to participate in the development of GHG inventories in the Agriculture and LULUCF sectors, especially for developing countries. She also has some experience in the assessment of mitigation and adaptation and the evaluation of Measurement, Reporting and Verification systems.

Communication, IT and Sustainable Development

Stéphanie Barrault

Stéphanie BARRAULT, Head of Communication, IT and Sustainable Development Department

PhD in energy, Stephanie Barrault is in charge at Citepa since 2017 of fluorinated gases studies, mainly for the refrigeration and air conditioning sectors. In parallel of the fluorinated gases emissions inventory studies and projections, she participates in the development of tools of calculation of emissions, ensures the follow-up of the regulations and the developments of new refrigerants and animates the Research and Partnerships Pole of Citepa .

Information Management & Data Visualization

Mark Tuddenham

Mark TUDDENHAM, Information officer

Mark Tuddenham has been responsible for information at Citepa since 2002. His fields of expertise are political, legislative / regulatory and scientific developments in the fight against air pollution and climate change at the national, european and international levels. . As such, in the framework of its watch, he closely monitors the negotiations and other work within the various organizations and international arena, and in particular the UNFCCC, IPCC, UN Environment, IEA, ICAO, IMO, OECD, UNECE, as well as those of the EU institutions (Council, Parliament, Commission and Court of Justice).

From this work of watch, he analyzes the relevant information on the air-climate subject, synthesizes them for dissemination in the form of articles in the Citepa’s monthly newsletter (“C’est dans l’air”) or brief news on the Citepa website (almost daily updated). On key topics, he writes punctually detailed Summary Sheets (“Fiches de Synthèse”).

Support and IT Developments

Lisa Grellier

Lisa GRELLIER, Head of Support and IT Developments team

PhD in environmental modeling, Lisa joined Citepa in 2017 in the Support and IT Developments team. Her activity within Citepa concerns the IT tools developments. She participates in the compilation of the French emission inventory reporting and leads the development of the RISQ tool, marketed abroad to accompany emissions reporting.

Ariane Druart

Ariane DRUART, Web/inventory Senior technician

Senior technician (IUT de Paris – Paris V). Ariane joined the Citepa Support and IT Development team (SDI) in 2001. She is specialized in database management and participates in the realisation of air emissions inventories, including SECTEN, Overseas by territory, UNFCCC and UNECE, and assists the engineers in the framework of studies and the entire management team. Within Citepa, she is also in charge of updating the content of the website.

Antoine Gavel

Antoine GAVEL, IT support Senior technician

Antoine joined the Citepa Support and IT Development team (SDI) in September 2007. Specialized in database management, he participates in the realization of air emission inventories, particularly that of the Large Combustion Plants, and assists engineers in the framework of studies. Within Citepa, he is also in charge of the computer system as well as the website.


AFFAIRE team (sales, finance, training, reception, information/stewardship, human resources, events administration)

Hélène Schatz

Hélène SCHATZ, Head of Administrative and financial team

She joined Citepa at the beginning of 2012 to take the lead of the AFFAIRE team. With a degree from the ESG (Ecole Supérieure de Gestion – management graduate school) and a master’s degree in Economics (Markets and Business Strategies), she acquired more than 20 years of experience in accounting and finance in various fields (construction, interim, SSII, publishing, international trading, consulting and design).

She is currently in charge of Citepa’s general and analytical accounting, budgets, HR, taxation and associative legal and administrative and financial issues as a whole; in addition to the other two members of her team tasks.

Laurence Braillon

Laurence BRAILLON, Accountant-manager & financial controller

Laurence Braillon joined the AFFAIRE team in January 2020 as an accountant-manager. After a dozen years in companies as a management controller, in groups and start-ups, Laurence trained to become an independent orthopedagogue. Today, she is back in her first job to work at Citepa.

Valentine Dalodière

Valentine DALODIERE, Sales administration and customer relationship officer

She joined the AFFAIRE team at the beginning of 2019. After a bachelor’s degree in science and a master’s degree in foreign languages ​​and international exchanges, specialized in international trade, she worked in various companies: construction, military, industry, cosmetics, technologies …

She is responsible for the administration of ongoing projects at Citepa, trainings and customer relations: tenders, registration management, agreements and training convocations, invoicing, financial deadlines, customers provisional and confirmed budget management.

Sabrina Kessouar

Sabrina KESSOUAR, Administrative assistant

She joined Citepa at the end of 2008 to renew the AFFAIRE team. After a high school degree in Management Assistant (BTS), she held this position in various sectors (interim, data processing & surveys, real estate and DIY), and was responsible for a chocolate maker shop.

She is in charge of the reception, the stewardship, the trips of the Citepa members but also events like the breakfasts or the annual conference organization. She ensures for the day-to-day running of Citepa.