Development of Serbia’s Air Strategy

In 2019 and 2020, Citepa is involved in the development of Serbia’s Air Strategy as part of a European pre-accession instrument project. It is associated with Ineris, Expertise Advisors and many other local partners to help Serbia develop its air strategy to facilitate its accession to the European Union. Citepa is working more particularly on […]

A new MRV platform for Pakistan national GHG inventory

Pakistan through its Global Change Impact Studies Centre (GCISC) entrusted Citepa with the development and implementation of a MRV web platform (Monitoring, Reporting, Verification) for monitoring GHG inventories. This platform will support the compilation of the national GHG inventory according to Modalities, Procedures and Guidelines (MPGs) as adopted in Decision 18/CMA.1 at COP-24 in Katowice. […]

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we are experts in air pollutant and GHG emission inventories, projections, helping decision-making
as well as in assessing the cost-efficiency of policies and measures

CityAir: a technical assistance for improving air quality and raising public awareness in cities in Turkey in line with the CAFÉ Directive

In 2019 and until 2021, Citepa intervenes in the framework of a European project of type instrument of pre-accession (IPA), in the development of programs of reduction of the emissions of air pollutants in 31 regions of Turkey. We are associated with the Istanbul University of Mechanics, INERIS, ASEA and other unnamed Turkish partners. The […]

How to set up a national MRV system for monitoring GHG inventory? A mission conducted by Citepa experts in Zambia

Following a first mission carried out in 2019 in Zambia, Citepa is now in charge of training and capacity building of local experts. This project aims at building a complete MRV system which includes monitoring of GHG inventories and setting up the enhanced transparency framework in relation with Paris Agreement. This mission is funded by […]

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About Citepa

Citepa contributes to the fight against atmospheric pollution and climate change by calculating, interpreting and disseminating information on reliable emission data for decision-makers and specialists in France and abroad.

As a non-profit organisation and State operator for the French Environment Ministry, the Citepa meets reporting requirements for air pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions from France in different inventory formats, such as UNFCCC, EMEP, Kyoto Protocol and UNECE inventories.

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We carry out capacity building missions for emission inventories, we develop MRV tools and techno-economic studies...

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