Possible extension of the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) to the road transport and the buildings sectors: publication of a study report implying Citepa

As presented by the Commission on July 2021 within the “fit for 55” package, options for a possible inclusion of CO2 emissions into an emissions trading system of the road transport and/or buildings sectors are considered.

In this context, a study was conducted to assess the relevance and the impacts of the identified options in terms of effectiveness (emissions reduction), of regulatory robustness (monitoring, reporting and verification [MRV]), as well as distributional effects on households and small and medium enterprises. The work was conducted between February 2020 and September 2020 by a consortium of 8 organisations.

Citepa was involved in the MRV of emissions covered by the different options. This analysis covers the MRV challenges encountered by the regulated entities proposed, considering the supply chain and the design options. In particular, issues on emission factors, on the accurate identification of the end-user of the supplied fuel, on the combination of upstream and downstream approaches, on the cost and on the administrative burden were analysed.  

The full report can be downloaded here.